BlessTheGym Tour/Events

One Day Workshop 

Our one-day workshop is a hands on weightlifting tutorial where we breakdown myths and get a natural feel for the snatch and clean&jerk. We'll be showing individuals whether they be coaches, athletes, or recreational how to feel what's  right with movements so they can continue building a foundation.

Over the past 19 years I've been training and competing on the highest level that I could achieve, an I love to share with people that are striving to do the same. I designed the BlessTheGym workshop to help individuals learn to do the movements to the best of their abilities, an I'd like to see the sport of weightlifting continue to grow.

  • Do you have members that are interested in perfecting their weightlifting movements?
  • Do you have coaches that are looking to expand their knowledge to better serve your clients?
  • Do you want peace of mind knowing that all your clients will be safe performing the snatch and clean&jerk?

That's why we're here, to help make your gym the best it can. 

  • Create a program where safety and personal records can be achieved. 
  • Create a team that has the same foundation of thought helping your vision stay alive. 
  • Create a buzz in your area 

What to expect:

  • Learn the key points to weightlifting 
  • Learn how to move 
  • Learn to listen to your body 

Typical Schedule:

  • 08:55am ... Meet with Kendrick and/or (Coach)
  • 09:00 ... Workshop begins (snatch)
  • 10:30 ... Full lifts up to 80%
  • 11:00 ... Winding down snatch portion 
  • 11:30 ... Lunch (break) 
  • 12:00 ... Workshop continues (c&jerk)
  • 01:00 ... Full lifts up to 80%
  • 01:30 ... Winding Down
  • 02:00 ... Conclusion

Day 2 Days (two days)

Whether you've experienced our BlessTheGym Workshops or planning to you'll love the new options we have available for those seeking to take their training to another level. Attending our one day workshop is great for individuals who need help with the competition movements but if you're looking for what it takes to enhance the day to day grind, this experience is for you. What I've learned over the last 19 years of training and competing, is finally made ready for the people. 

I've been hosting weightlifting workshops for the last four years, now I want to share a more rooted practice that can help your gym build the best weightlifting program. Let us come spend a couple of days with your gym and staff, we believe our experiences can help your gym accomplish their goals. 

What to expect:

There is so much to cover in the sport of weightlifting so what we've done is, narrow down some key points that will spark and challenge the mind instantly. We have two days full of observing, partaking, conversing and questions. 

Day 1

  • 08:55am ... Meet Kendrick and/or Coach
  • 09:00 ... Overview of the day 
  • 09:30 ... Training starts 
  • 11:00 ... Wind down with questions  
  • 11:30 ... Lunch (break) meeting with coaches
  • 12:00 ... Training continues 
  • 01:30 ... Wind down with questions 
  • 02:00 ... Bring it in for conclusion

Day 2

  • 08:55am ... Regathering 
  • 09:00 ... Review day 1 (mindset) 
  • 09:30 ... Training starts 
  • 11:00 ... Wind down with questions  
  • 11:30 ... Lunch (break) meeting with coaches 
  • 12:00 ... Training continues 
  • 01:30 ... Wind down with questions 
  • 02:00 ... Bring it in for conclusion

Conference Calls (monthly) 

Month-Long Conference Calls

If you're looking for more feedback, a personalized feel, your gym can schedule to have One of our Coaches visit you for two days of examination. They'll collaborate with Kendrick to design a complete BTG assessment of what you're currently doing, and he will then be available to you for that following month via scheduled Facebook calls and emails as we all work to bring about our game plan.

What to expect:

Having experienced eyes from an outside view looking over what your training is currently achieving is why we have the Conference Call option. This was truly created with you in mind, giving you an assessment that can help turn your gym into a into sought out training site.

  • Our coach will give you a full BTG Analysis.
  • Over following four weeks, you'll have unlimited email communication and scheduled Facebook calls with Our and Kendrick.
  • At the end of four weeks, you have the option to continue working with us for a monthly fee. 

Once you sign up, We will contact you to schedule a visit from one of our coaches. 

For questions regarding any of these services please use the form below.