About Us

My name is Kendrick Farris. I'm from the inner city, and I'll never forget where I began on this earth. It's a testimony to goes beyond the gym.

The birth of King Of The Platform brand was 1986 in Stoner Hill, Louisiana. We're inspired by the people who are seeking truth in an out of the gym. Our services reminds us that building character is a daily commitment and we aim to serve our community to help set you apart.

King Of The Platform
What's the LOGO about?

The sport of weightlifting as been around since the 1900s, here at BTG we believe weightlifting is a beautiful sport, and we want it to continue growing so we do our best showcase the hidden gems. The weathered Crown in our logo represents the challenges we've faced, yet we're still standing by The Most High's grace, tried, but made perfect by striving to keep love alive, that's perfection. When you see The Crown, that's someone committed to striving for the seal of glory.


Potential is having the capacity to develop into something in the future. We believe that potential can be found in many overlooked places, that's why we're setting out to help inspire those who believe to pick up their crowns and lead.