All Power Everything

Hey y'all (what it do)

Today we're going to talk about Power and what it means to me. I get tons of questions about my thoughts on certain movements whether it be the Oly Lifts, squats, deads, bench but mostly The Lifts (Oly).

So lets dive right in.

What is Power?

Well to me Power is speed and control with a sprinkle of style on top. If you're able to move fast and maintain control throughout whatever movement your doing, that's power to me. Sometimes you'll see someone with control but they move slow as Christmas during process, that's no bueno in my opinion. Once you figure out what your body is doing, and you're able to have the weight come along for the ride with you, the only way to go next level is to crank up the speed up. Now here's the question I get all the time "how can I get faster?" We'll it's quite simple my friends but it takes time, once you conquer the movement meaning you don't have to think so much while doing them then you need to do the lifts over and over has fast as possible with control, make sense? For example my all time best snatch is 162kg 356lbs... Now my goal is not to try to break that record every day (what's the point) but when I'm doing snatches with lighter weight that number and more is on my brain so I know whatever I have on the bar can be moved how I want it done, with control and speed. Now lets talk about style, a lot of people seem to have this one down but the only issue is its not in the order I just talked about which is control, speed, then style this just makes you look silly Lol. I'm all about individuality and creativity but when you sacrifice proper technique for style points I can't rock with you (support) safety first. Your style is what lets people know "hey that's a Kendrick Farris lift right there" like many if you know I'm a power and squat jerker

1. It works for me
2. I don't have to think as much doing it
3. Just look at the weight I'm doing with it so why change it

People ask me ALL the time why I do this style instead of the text book split jerk. Well I've learned the proper technique, I have control&speed, and it's my own style so to speak. Once you figure what power means to you I know you'll be able to master your training and whatever lifts that come to visit your gym.

All Power Everything is the mindset I have when I approach the bar... Power Start, Power Position, Power Finish!

Now before you leave I want you all to accept the "Farris Challenge" what's that you ask... Check out my YouTube channel ::thaMFboi::

It's a total of 30reps in the back squat as heavy as possible for 5minutes 10 reps at a time.

Do it, Record it, Post it!

Farris Challenge: All Power Everything!

So until next time my people

Thank y'all for coming out God Bless you and have a good one.

2Barz!!! Signing Off