So It's Free Right?


Hey y'all (What it do)

I hope all is well whenever you are in the world and that it keeps on getting better. I got some good and bad news for my "competition" I'm moving up a weight class. That's right I'm getting older and fatter so I'm packing my weights and moving from the 85kg class to the 94s YAY •____•

Now to what we came here for and that's today's blog. I've noticed that people seem to somewhat like me, and with that being the case I get asked to do variety of things from speaking, appearances, endorsements, coaching, etc.
I always appreciate people having me in mind when they contact me, but once we get to the meat of all the question I always seem to get is "so it's free right?" Lol. I'm always caught off guard by this because in my mind I'm like "if you knew how much it cost me to position myself, you wouldn't even ask that" but I just say get all the details to my wife Katrina and she'll let you know if there's a fee which there more the likely will be. Now in all seriousness why shouldn't I charge you if I didn't seek you out to be apart of your event?? Lets do some quick math 9 years of driving to the gym 5 days a week, at least 2 national meets a year (travel, hotel, food) then just day to day living for 9years how much is all that?... Lord LOL.

Now don't get me wrong I love to work with people and apart of functions that I'm passionate or have some interest in, but if you're looking to have me for FREE let me at least offer before you ask "so it's free right?"

What a life I have...

So until next time my people

Thank y'all for coming out God Bless you and have a good one.

2Barz!!! Signing Off