One Workout


"One Workout"

Hey y'all ( What It Do )

It's been a while since I've done a blog and it's really not my thing, I'm more of a twitter guy, but I told myself I have to do better and give the people what they want. So with that said I'm writing this blog entitled "One Workout" because that's pretty much what my life feels like it's been. I started lifting weights and learning the Oly Movements 15 years ago after the 1996 Olympic Games when USAW started 12 satellite/grass root programs across the country in search of some new talent to help keep the sport of Weightlifting alive and they just happened to find me during the process. My coach Dr. Kyle Pierce and The City of Shreveport (LA) put in a bid to house one of the programs and the rest is still history in the making.

When I tell y'all going into the same gym day after, day after, day can be a bit draining and have you feeling a bit unmotivated, IT IS REAL lol. Lord knows I've wanted to quit and just enjoy my little but thank God I'm a competitor and competing is like a drug so once I got a taste of the sweet stuff I was hooked and ready to train for another. So after 15 years of training in the same gym I'm still on the goods, feeling good, and looking great. Walking in the gym at 11 years old, just making 26 this last summer, going through the ups & downs I've learned to just enjoy each day, be blessing, and show love to everyone that I come in contact with along the way.

So even though my life feels like it's been a 15 year workout that won't end I wouldn't change it at all. I've met people from places that I'd probably never gone.

So for those out there moving around from place to place looking for a shortcut to the top let me tell you that after 15 years of not finding one you might want to find you a place to settle in and grow.

One Workout, One Body, One Gym


So until next my people

Thank y'all for coming out God Bless you and have a good one.