I am Where I'm From!

One thing I've always admired about the Hip Hop Culture is how the Artist embraces where He/She is from. They do it so much until you feel like you've been to that place or makes you want to be from there, example: Jay-Z has been Rapping about Brooklyn, New York for almost two decades now. He talks about both the negative and the positive but embraces it all because it's where he's from, an it's shaped him to be who he is today.

I love my neighborhood, city, and state. I want people to know where I'm and understand the culture of being from Stoner Hill, Shreveport LA. My state is more than just the home of the New Orleans Saints and LSU Tigers. We have some creative individuals and groups that will be making they're marks on the World pretty soon. I pray that people can hear or read my life story an it inspire them to visit Stoner Hill, like wow this is where Kendrick Farris grew up.... Yea one day I know it's coming!

Until then follow me around the world an know when you see me, you're seeing Stoner Hill, Shreveport!

I am Where I'm From