Workshops and Training Camps

Kendrick Farris Training Camps and Workshops Workshops consist of the following: •Snatch •Clean •Jerk (3 different styles) Each lift will be broken down, there will two 30 minute lifting slots where each person will have a chance to PR, Q&A with Kendrick along with a demonstration. Kendrick believes in having a fun laid back environment where people can not only learn but have a good time doing so! Training Camps consist of the following: •Proper positions •Cues •Progressions •Assistance movements to improve strength and technique •Demo of the movements If you’re interested in working with Kendrick just contact Farrisk99@yahoo.comOnline Coaching with Kendrick Farris
Olympian Kendrick Farris is offering an exclusive online coaching package to help athletes reach their totals and exceed their goals.
Coaching Includes:
  • Training regiments personalized to each individual athlete
  • 2 weekly videos analyzed by Kendrick Farris for diverse analysis
  • emails with Kendrick to discuss techniques and ways to improve
**Kendrick Farris and Is only allowing up to 5 participants per month to insure optimal attention to each individual athlete.** Videos can be recorded on mobile phones, video/digital cameras to be emailed or uploaded to youtube, vimeo, etc. After purchase, Kendrick Farris will contact you with more details. This services is separate from the BTG Tour.