Kendrick Farris "Bless the Gym" Wristbands Featured in The Almagest

LSUS weightlifting phenomenon, Kendrick Farris, mass communications, junior, is adding on to his busy schedule chock full of training, competing, performing, pledging, being a husband and father, and getting his degree to include his new hobby, merchandising.

His brand "King of the Platform" is so new you can still smell the fresh paint, but its already gathering steam to head in a promising direction.

"It's going to have something for everybody," Farris said. "I can't dunk a basketball but I'll go and buy Dwayne Wayde's shoe. This isn't just for people who weightlift or live in the gym."

Going fast right now are Farris' "Bless the Gym" wristbands. What started out as an inside joke between friends became a creative new way for the junior to make money and start a business.

"He keeps God first in whatever he does," Rashad Johnson said. "Faith without work is dead, so blessing the gym is an extension of his work."

The wristbands started out fairly basic, but thanks to the help of friends, they are taking on more outrageous color schemes and designs. This helps them to market them toward a larger demographic.

"We're getting pretty crazy with it," Farris said. "Some of these color schemes are so out of the box you can't help but love it. We're mixing it up a lot."

The bands are available for five dollars for one or two for eight on Farris' website , in the store section. Farris' local celebrity status undoubtedly helps to fuel local sales, but his worldwide celebrity as a lifter is bringing in sales on an international level.

It's been very surprising," Farris said. "Sales have been going awesomely."

The catch phrase "Bless the Gym" has become a Twitter Trending Topic as well. This social network has provided countless free advertising for the products.

Weightlifter Jared Enderton tweeted, "Time to #BlessTheGym baby!! Best time of day. Gotta have a positive day and workout."

Countless others use the catch phrase when referencing a good workout or inquiring as to where they can get some of the fast selling merchandise.

"I'm just thankful for the opportunities I've been given," Farris said. "The gym has helped shape who I am. I ask for my food to be blessed before I eat, so it only feels right to bless the gym."

All the money earned from products is being used to further develop the brand.

"We're just trying to build," Farris said. "We're brainstorming everything possible and we're really excited about what's to come."

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