Olympic Weightlifting 2012 Go America!

It’s almost time for the Olympics.  We are so excited.  Know what my favorite part of the Olympics is?  The stories.  I love getting to see where they live, get ‘to know’ their families  and find out what inspires them to train hard for a years.

Ever watch the Olympics and see the families cheering their loved ones on?  I have always thought:  No matter WHAT I would find a way to get there to support my _____.  Yet, I have never considered what it would take to actually get there.

Our son is a fan of Olympic weightlifting.  He’s actually gonna go compete in a national tournament this weekend.  He has had the privilege to meet USA’s only male 2012 lifter-Kendrick Farris thru his personal O-Lifting coach, Chad Vaughn.

Kendrick is working on getting his family to London.  And I’m here to spread the word.  Go check out his blog. He has some amazing shirts, posters and wristbands for sale as well as  a place for you to donate.


(He also has a good looking Facebook page but I’m pretty sure it’s maxed out..or close!)

Dig around his website, he’s one of the good guys.  He’s humble and kind.  Besides, how cool would it be to know you had a part, even a small part in supporting him?


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