Tired Of Being Tired!


I went to bed last night around 3 am, that's not why I'm tired though.

Yesterday during my training session I had to do over 80 back squats all over 350lbs, I did 50 of those with 440lbs,
that's not why I'm tired though.

I think about about where I'm headed and i think to myself "how the heck is THIS going to happen?!" The struggle will expose your true character.
that's not why I'm tired though.

Last night during Wednesday Night Church Service my pastor touched on a few things that really struck a cord with me. Jesus had all this power yet he allowed himself to be rejected, weak, lonely, homeless, etc all because he had a task to complete.

I know for sure HE was tired of being tired, but he never compromised or made excuses about what needed to be done.

All those things I mentioned at the top get me tired sometimes but I know I must remain obedient, if not for me for someone else that's watching asking themselves "is it possible?".

Tired Of Being Tired... But I can't stop!


  • Thanks for sharing this Kendrick. This is good news! If the Father willed it the Jesus would be “rejected, weak, lonely, homeless, etc” to fulfill His plan, than we should rejoice if we are counted worthy to be like Jesus in completing the Lord’s tasks.

    Zach Krych
  • AWESOME!!!!!

    Garrett Sudds
  • i love it kendrick. keep fighting. you’re an inspiration brother

    Nick Freije
  • Stronger than you think! A friend of mine suggested I check out your site, stats and goals, very impressive indeed. What I find more impressive is your strength of faith and how you communicate that as your fuel. Keep it up, you have a voice and you have the strength to use it!


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