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I had an awesome time at the Arnold Classic this year. Though I didn't perform the way I planned I still got to spend time with some wonderful people. I got to see some close friends Derrick Johnson, Chad Vaughn, Zach Krych, Phil Sabatini, The guys from Team Texas, East Coast Gold, and many others. I also met some of my incredible supporters, you guys are great! Now it's time for Shout outs:

S/O to Steve's Club you guys are real "chill" *insider*
S/O to Rick Adams for coming out
S/O to Roger Nielsen so helping out
S/O to cab drivers for not knowing where anything was/is

Special Thanks to my coach Kyle Pierce *Pops* for always supporting me through the good, bad, ups, and downs
Love you sir!

To anyone I forgot don't be mad lol

God Bless

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  • It was the Maizels great pleasure to meet you and thanks again for the photo op.
    Patty “Soxx” Maizles & Tyler Bear Maizels (Team East coast Gold)

    Patty Maizels

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