Kendrick J Farris

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Lifted My Spirit!

Yesterday my teammate Bre was in the gym talking with my coach about her training and the MAJOR comeback she's making after having knee surgery. I ...

Call Her Vanessa!

My Sister In Christ and Friend!

Happy People!

People I met that like the brand.... God is Awesome!

D P.ilot from #HCB

My little bro DP! LSUS Pilots

Ms.Taz from #CHB

C_H_B repping!


Nothing Regular!


My Brother Keith Brown repping BTG!

Annie Mac!

Women Do It 2!

LSUS Pilot Boyz!

All Walks Of Life

BTG Shirts!

Kick Jerk Est. 1986

I believe this picture was taken December of 2003 at the American Open in Atlanta, GA Not sure though lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯